Consistency is a Habit


Scientists know that the key to creating a habit of something is ensuring consistent adherence for that action for 40 days. If you can do something, or give up doing something for at least 40 days, chances are you can do it or give it up for life. Once you have the habit or routine down, you’ll see your success start to become habitual as well. When you’re making the calls, sending out the emails, proposals and sales letters and talking to a set number of people every day, good things start to happen.

Showing up and doing the work is 80% of what makes all successful people successful. The other 20% is knowing what to do when your consistent efforts at attracting customers pays off. Start with one thing—making phone calls, or sending out a sales letter, or meeting one new person a day. Then follow through for 40 days. Then start another habit. Eventually you’ll have the business you want and it will seem effortless.

“Consistency is a critical key to your success in sales. Whether you are making telephone calls, visiting clients, or direct marketing you have to hit your numbers everyday. A consistent sales work ethic will make you more successful than the sporadic every third day over-achiever hands down.” ~Dennis R. Kyle, International Speaker

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4 thoughts on “Consistency is a Habit”

    1. I’m pretty sure Og Mandino wrote that it takes a month so there are plenty of opinions. I think the main point is consistency and staying with it.Thanks for chiming in, Casey.

  1. This may account for the habit you wrote about. Get into the habit of staying with a thing and you will not stop doing what is needed to do what you have to do.

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