Cool or Leadership

So, I'm sitting on the couch early this morning and catching up on Sunday's New York Times. I finished up a story by Simon Akam entitled "New York Cheer For a Friend In Harm's Way" and I found myself saying, "Cool!" Actually, I said it out loud even though I was the only human home. But, my two dogs were sitting next to me and they like it when I share my opinions of stories in the Times. Lord knows they have heard a few four letter words other than cool in reaction to some of them.

After I said it I started having some soul searching type of thoughts. "Is it cool," I wondered, "for a 60-year-old-man to be saying cool?" The truth is that it isn't a term I have used much in my lifetime. But, I find myself using it more and more in the past couple of years. Maybe it is because I'm now part of a tribe of younger people who use it quite frequently. Or, maybe the title of this blog which has cool in its name leads me to use it more.

We even have a President who uses it.

Then I wondered what other kinds of habits or words are rubbing off on me by associating with my younger friends. Awesome is one of their favorite words. I try not to use awesome despite seeing or hearing it many times a day. I'm saving it for a very special occasion.

I'm saving it for the day the politicians in this country make it illegal for lobbyists to spend any money on them. Now that would be more than awesome. I'd definitely call that a extraordinary awesome day. I might even call it a Fucking Extraordinary Awesome Day!

I don't expect I'll get to use that one soon.

But, back to cool. Is our president still cool? Or, is the lack of progress on all the ideas that made him very cool to so many of us now beginning to leave us cold. He talked a lot about not allowing special interests (lobbyists) to influence his administration. And, yet, that is exactly what has happened in the areas of financial market reform and health care. These are two areas that the majority of Americans want to see changed and yet nothing cool or awesome has happened.

Maybe he's trying to hard to be cool instead of being a leader. Personally, if I had a choice of being thought of as being cool or a leader – I'd chose leadership. I hope our president makes that choice and very quickly.

And, that would be both awesome and very cool.

2 thoughts on “Cool or Leadership”

  1. Hi Bob,
    I totally agree with what you wrote about lobbyist and their influence. It should be a crime to take anything from these people.
    Politicians are elected by voters and should not be bought by corporations.
    By the way, I still use groovy…so I think cool is cool!

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