Cooler Than Fools

I made myself a promise years ago to stop reading blogs or books whose authors claim to know how to invest in the stock market. Buy an indexed mutual fund and your investing life will be simpler and just as good as the experts. I've never regretted my decision.

But, today I found myself on such a site. I was doing some research and Google took me to an article on The Motley Fool. They were all lathered up over Proctor & Gamble's move to establish a national car wash chain. "They should focus on their knitting." is what I interpreted the brothers Gardner to say about the move. I don't happen to agree with them.

P&G has a new-business incubator called FutureWorks. I find the description of the incubator to be ground-breaking for a company founded in 1837 as a soap and candle company. Their stated goal is to "create, develop and discover ideas and partnerships that create thriving new P&G business units and expand them into new segments." Your company might even be a potential partner.

FutureWorks has come up with the idea of a national chain of Mr. Clean Car Washes. I mean who doesn't know Mr. Clean. The guy is cool not to mention he is also bald. I think maybe the Fools are jealous of the cool bald guy with the earring. (Note to self – get ear pierced.)

His car washes sound like they are also very cool. They have giant water guns that shoot soap that you and the kids can fire as the cars go through the wash. You can also have a coffee, enjoy Wi-Fi, and television in their lounge. Other services are oil changes and even car maintenance.

I love that a mega-company like P&G is willing to invest in new ideas like this. And, they are building one of their brands at the same time. We spend about $8 Billion a year on car washes in this country and I'm betting P&G will get their share.

Oh, by the way, P&G does not reduce advertising/marketing budgets during recessions. They didn't make any such reduction during the Great Depression. And, guess what, they have grown and made progress during every major recessionary period.

What is your company doing? Are you maintaining your marketing budget? Are you taking some new risks and trying new ideas?

Or, are you listening to a fool who says wait for things to get better?

PS – Besides writing books and this blog, I also counsel, coach, and consult with companies like yours in the area of sales and marketing.

2 thoughts on “Cooler Than Fools”

  1. Funny, yesterday I was going through my desk and tossed out an old copy of DM News (I think) that had an article about the first couple of car washes that P&G opened. When I first read the article, many months ago, I would have agreed with Motley Fool. I thought they were nuts. But now, after reading that the car washes are actually fun and interesting, I have a different opinion. They’re unicorn-y (is that a word?).

  2. Sure Unicorn-y is a word. You just created it!
    I think their plan is to franchise and supply the products
    while building their Mr. Clean brand. And, by the way,
    it was Motley Fool that told me a long time ago to buy
    indexed funds and forget the rest. They still tell people
    the same thing but investing is an addiction like gambling
    to many people.

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