Corporate Pacifiers

They still don't get it. What is it about companies that still insist on doing everything the way they've always done it? Do they think that it's safe? It's not.

They're still doing things like buying air time instead of providing personal value. And, when they do dip their toes into any new marketing like social media they either spam or hire a PR firm to do it for them. Ask B.P. (British Petroleum not Bob Poole) how that worked out for them.

When they look for help with this new marketing they run to the same old entrenched big consulting, legal and accounting firms for answers. Or, they have a PhD from a big name business school put on a seminar.

It's like having a corporate pacifier. But, a pacifier is just that. It makes you feel good for the moment but it doesn't get you what you want and need.

Go ask some twenty-something-year-olds who are running their own businesses about marketing today. They can teach you more about what to do and what you CANNOT do than any of these big name firms.

But, that would be taking a risk. Instead they continue to follow the process they've always taken. Forget creativity. Forget standing out. Forget leading. Just suck on the pacifier.

There is a belief amongst these companies that nobody ever gets fired for hiring IBM and the other big name firms.

I say that's another big mistake.

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