Could You Be Treating Customers This Way?

I know this kind of customer service still exists but I’m always amazed when I hear about it.Bigstockphoto_secretary_on_the_phon

A friend told me that one of her employees came into her office with tears of frustration and anger yesterday. It seems that this woman had just gotten off the phone with the phone company. Her babysitter had used her cell phone to call her and let her know her phone line was out. She called the phone company repair office and was told that it would take a WEEK to repair it. “But, that’s not acceptable, “she told the phone company. “I am a single mom with children at home and I need my phone in case of an emergency.”

The phone company’s answer, “We’re very busy and we have lots of other customers who also have problems. It will take a week and that is as soon as I can schedule it.”

That was the end of the conversation. No discussion. What the customer heard is “I don’t care about you, your family or your concern about an emergency.”

Maybe the phone company is busy. Maybe they are too busy connecting up new FIOS accounts to repair their non-FIOS customers’ phones in less than a week – who knows?

Everyone is busy. Meanwhile, the customer is worried about what might happen without phone service in an emergency. And, the phone company employee, who should be counseled into another type of vocation – one that doesn’t deal with people or animals – treated the customer with disrespect and callousness.

Could this same thing happen in your business? Don’t fool yourself – it might already be happening

Do yourself and your business a favor. Have someone you know be one of your customers. Have them interact with your employees in different manners like being in a ticked off mood or even angry. See if your employees respond in kind or with kindness.

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  1. Michael Gallagher

    You’ve got it right. Verizon is going to do all they can to push people into signing up for FIOS. And, if that means not showing up for weeks to fix your phone – so be it. The big question is how are the states letting them get away with not fixing people’s service for days and weeks????

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