I have to tell you, I’m feeling a wee bit cranky today. Maybe I need to stop paying attention to the news. It could be a result of the relentless heat here in Bucks County. Or, maybe I just feel like being cranky. You tell me.

What is it with people who feel the need to post private thoughts and information on Facebook? Things like:

  • My (insert relative) is having prostate surgery in the morning.
  • Feeling worthless today.
  • I might have just broken my (insert bone here).
  • I think I might have really screwed up this time.
  • You won’t believe how drunk I got last night.

I could go on but I’ll spare you. I thought maybe this kind of behavior was only from the young’uns who seem to have a constant craving for attention. But, no, the behavior doesn’t seem age specific.

Here’s an idea. If you really need this much attention then go buy a bunch of mirrors and hang them where you’ll always have one handy. Hopefully, that will solve your craving for attention.

We are a bunch of fools being misdirected by the politicians from the things they don’t want us to think about. Things like wars, torture, unemployment, cost of food, health care, social security, and the number one priority in the hearts and minds of all politicians – getting reelected.

Don’t you just love clicking on a website only to have an advertisement complete with blaring sound automatically start playing? Ad agencies and companies creating these stupid autos just don’t get how offended people feel when this happens. They click off the site. Immediately.

But, here is what I wonder. Do the morons who convince companies that this is good advertising count that momentary visit as a “view?” I bet they do while hiding just how fast we all disappear from the person paying the freight.

If there is a heaven then there is a very special place reserved for people who rescue and work with the homeless. Here is one way you can help.

I couldn’t help but think of the challenges people face living on the street as I heard all the reasons why the Republicans find the idea of a tax increase (at least for the wealthy) an anathema.  It brought to mind the words of our last president spoken at a dinner for his supporters.

“This is an impressive crowd — the haves and the have-mores.”

And, Jim, before you go sending me another flaming email about my concern for the needy; you need to think about this. Plenty in that crowd of “haves and have-mores” didn’t do a damn thing to deserve their status, wealth, and power other than preserving what was bequeathed to them.

And, many of the homeless on the streets didn’t do anything to deserve their fate either.

Told you I was feeling cranky today.


Images compliments of ihave3kids, spike55151, iheartfishtown and Eric Rice.

4 thoughts on “Cranky”

  1. This might not help, but people who post those things on the Internet are generally looking for attention – because they’re lonely, desperate, afraid to be with their own thoughts and feelings, or are feeling kind of cranky and anxious and there’s no one at home who will or can reach out to them.

    Many of those who post, “My (insert relative here) is having prostate surgery in the morning don’t know how to say, “I’m scared. What if he dies? I don’t want to go through this or know how to go through this alone. Someone please please reach out to me and say, “I’m here if you need me.”

    The Internet is a safety valve for many, allowing the introvert and shy person to vent and express anger in public. It allows the extrovert to listen without having to be the life of the party. It allows the ugly to be loved for their mind, the beautiful to see that others cherish them for more than their body. It levels the playing field – allowing people to interact with others based on their personality, not on their looks, status, wealth, job, title, race, nationality or sexual status. But in doing that it also thrusts the less socially aware, more desperate for human interaction, more lonely, needy and starved for attention into a venue they don’t know how to interact in appropriately.

    Starved for attention they become like beggars at a King’s feast – they don’t know where to begin, so they simply start talking, saying anything that comes to mind because they haven’t learned yet to look for safe people, to listen as much as they talk (write) or to interact instead of simply acting.

    It helps me to ask, “What does this person really want or need?” Many are hurting. Many are shallow and unable to tap into something more meaningful than “Watch this squirrel eating cheese on my deck this morning video.” But beneath it all is a very human need to be noticed, acknowledged, valued, appreciated and welcomed. Hard to remember I know. I personally believe all phones (like all cars) should have a device that people who have been drinking should have to blow into before they drive or dial.

    I have to remind myself that at the core of all our actions, especially the annoying ones, is a need to be loved. Cranky? Yep. Been there all week myself. I think we both just need a hug. BIG HUG to you Bob, and one for me too! Hang in there. It’s almost Wednesday!

    1. I agree that the Internet serves a great purpose for people who need to connect for because they are hurting and need someone to talk with. However, many, many posts are by people who no matter how much attention they might get they still need more. Not because they are lonely, introverted, or lacking in social skills but because they simply crave attention. Drama queens and kings, they post one sentence that ends with a verb or adverb that begs for people to respond with “what happened, are you okay, what’s going on?”, etc.

      Your answer is part of the reason it happens. My solution is to ignore them by blocking them. Their boorish behavior is why I really like Google +1.

      Thanks for the hug. You’re the best. Talk with you tomorrow.

  2. I am tired of all the drama on some of the media sites. I do not care what you are eating, drinking or what you horoscope is for the today!

    I guess I am a little cranky!

  3. Yes. Those would be the trolls, narcissists, drama kings and queens and the personality disordered. They are annoying and drive me crazy too. Understanding why they do it is compassion. Opting to not engage with them is a sign of healthy boundaries and good mental health! I like Google +1 too. Looking forward to Wednesday!

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