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Let's assume you've decided to try some of this "New Marketing" stuff and you're ready to start creating content for your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, white papers, etc. The marketing rules have changed but one rule that hasn't is you still have to create great content.

You need to have something of interest to say. I like providing information, education, consultation, advice. I suggest you tell your story by – well – telling a story. People like stories and they also like story tellers. Even if you're marketing really mundane, yawn inducing products; you can tell a story that contains emotion. I have a golfing buddy who sells washers and not the kind you use to clean clothes. (I know this sounds like a John Candy movie.) But, I'm willing to bet he can tell a story about how his washers saved the day in some commercial application.

The point is we can all create and tell stories that are entertaining, educational, and emotional. If you don't know how to write good stories (copy) get a book, take a class, outsource your ideas to a professional copywriter. The greatest ads ever written back in the day of print advertising all told a story. People didn't mind being interrupted by them because they were engaged in the story.

You need to do the same thing today only you use different media. The money you spend on creating content for inbound, social media marketing will be less than you've been spending on outbound marketing using advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, etc.

Take small steps to build relationships. Think of it as dating. Give them FREE white papers, eBooks, and ideas and when they accept those ask permission for the next "date." You can do that in many ways but one great method is to include another offer in your offer. For example, you could a link to a landing page with more information. The more someone connects with you the more interest they have in what you are saying and what you are marketing.

What did you do today, to connect with your customers?

Seth Godin in a post today says, (And yes, every successful organization has a story, even if they've
never considered running an ad, during the Super Bowl or anywhere else.)

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