Creating Trust

You're heard the saying, "Trust but verify." The New York Times published some opinions this weekend that based upon the stories coming out of our banking and financial companies we need to change the saying to "Don't trust and always verify."

In sales and marketing it is a fact that people are more likely to buy from someone they trust. The higher the level of trust the more likely they will buy. Sales 101 stuff. However, if it is true that people are becoming more suspicious and less trusting of what you say – then what you do becomes more important than ever. People need to be able to believe your claims. They want to know that
by investing in you and your company you will deliver what you promise.

Years ago we would use testimonial letters, advertising, press releases, photos, recordings – anything where we could show why people bought from us and got not just what we promised but more than we promised. Third-party validation is a key to gaining trust. People will believe what other people say about you and your company more than what you say. That's the reason word-of-mouth is so powerful.

Word-of-mouth is changing as quickly as anything we have ever seen in marketing. People are talking about you and they just aren't doing it across the back fence to their neighbors. They are writing blogs about you and your company. They are posting on Facebook and telling their friends. When someone is looking for a particular type of company or service they need only Twitter it and they'll get lots of suggestions. A quick Google search will give me plenty of options.Or, set up a Google Alert to see who is talking about you or your competition.

And, if they aren't specifically talking about you – they are talking about a company that does what you do – that sells what you sell. You have a story that is unique to you. Are you sitting back and letting everyone else tell it? It's time to enter the conversation.

Here's just one idea. Check out Ning and consider starting your own social network and invite all your clients. Of course, you'll have to provide them with value and not just look at the site as something that will help you and your company. It doesn't work that way. For example, you should consider offering tips and answering questions about your specialty. Provide the opportunity for people to learn. They'll learn they can trust you and they will value you.

Give First.

Provide Value First. 

Sell Later.

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