Creativity Just Is

Some people think they aren't creative. And, they are correct.
Some people who experience creativity believe they are creative. And, they are incorrect.
People are neither creative nor uncreative.

Creativity is. By that I mean it already exists. All ideas exist but just haven't been revealed. If you believe this to be true then everyone can engage in the process of creativity.

All of us know how to engage in the creative process from the time we
are babies. And, we grow in the process until our structured
school systems beat it out of most of us. When I was in second grade I
got an "F" in art because I didn't like the things they gave me to color
and so I created my own picture by enhancing and changing what I was given.
And, I've never been very good at staying between the lines.

I believed I was an art failure and had no creativity until I happily
experienced the process of developing photographs in the darkroom at the age of 13. I jumped into photography. I didn't care
about not being creative. I was caught up in something magical. I went
on to become a national award winning photographer and a professional
photojournalist for many years. I still do it to engage in another creative process. You can see some photos here but please wait until you read all this and then come back.

I tell you this story because I want you to believe, as I do, that the
creativity was always there. The art always existed. I
believed I could manifest them and they became real. All of us can do the same thing.

That means there is no reason to accept that you can't change things for the better. There is no reason not to engage in the process of manifesting creativity to make a positive change to your life, your job, your business, etc.

The process of creativity is enormously gratifying and uplifting for both body and soul. And, it becomes exponentially more so when you engage in the process with other like-minded people. Get together with some friends, co-workers, or employees. Do some creativity exercises to get your mind flowing. Perhaps you can use mind mapping. Let yourself focus on thinking of ideas. No idea is too far out. None is discarded because it may lead to the ONE that changes everything for you.

Start with one problem, one challenge for which you'd like to find a really creative solution. Perhaps it could be, "How Do We Take Advantage of a Down Economy?" That might be a good start for many of us.

Right now as I write this, I'm engaging in an all day exercise with about a dozen other people who are supporting each other in getting stuff done. We started the day by stating our goals. Then we stated an hourly goal and we check in and support each other every hour. It's working. People are getting more done than ever by using the collective power of the group.

Engage in the creative process. You'll find the journey very satisfying and I'll wager you'll end up in a place of contentment – a place where creativity is.

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