Cumulative Advantage with Mark Schaefer

The Watercooler Hangout Podcast
Season 04 Episode #07
The Cumulative Advantage with Mark Schaefer

“There is a fracture in the status quo that brings opportunity, hope, and new ideas.” ~Mark Schaefer 

What is The Cumulative Advantage? 

Mark Schaefer and I chat about the concept of his new book, The Cumulative Advantage, and how this idea applies to our daily personal and work life. “The cumulative advantage pays tribute to an idea and methodology that’s been locked in the academic hallways of sociology for more than 50 years.” His book is about how we can unlock ideas and create momentum for our lives and our world. 

Momentum Built Through Patterns 

As Mark was writing his book, he had discussions with people in his circle about how momentum is built through patterns. He found that many people haven’t looked at the world from this point of view. “The one thing that I guarantee is that when people read this book, they’ll see the world in a new way.”

The Matthew Effect

The Matthew Effect states that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, which we can see if we look around society today. The pandemic has brought about a fracture in the status quo, which has brought about a period of new ideas. There are so many new businesses starting up because there are unmet needs right now. With these unmet needs come new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

How The Cumulative Advantage Can Get You “Unstuck” 

Mark has been receiving many letters and messages stating how his book has helped people, managers, and business owners get unstuck from the position they were in previously. “It’s providing clarity to people from a wide variety of places in life.” Mark talks about how there are many ideas in the world, but that they are meaningless unless you pursue the quest to make those ideas a reality. “If you’re curious about something that is the beginning of momentum – to pursue your curiosity.”

Listen in as we talk about why strategy is a plan that incorporates your core competencies, how to create momentum without having a considerable following, and the importance of being intellectually honest.”

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2 thoughts on “Cumulative Advantage with Mark Schaefer”

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast and the idea of fractures. Opportunities present themselves in small fractures. We have to widen the gap and walk through. What really caught my attention was the IQ discussion regarding children. What you touch upon living conditions with children is understood with the realm of childhood trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences. Fascinating topic catching my attention several years ago in my studies. Would love to discuss trauma and its impact!

    Thanks, Bob! Great Watercooler content.

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it, Peter! Mark is an interesting guy with a passion for what he does. He’s a pleasure to read and interview.

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