Customer Service or Corporate Logos – Finally We Know Which Is More Important

If you live on the East Coast, you are probably very familiar with Commerce Bank and their ubiquitous red logo Mr. C. I can’t imagine that any other regional bank has spent more money over the years building their brand. For a couple of years now they have been using Regis and Kelly as spokespeople. Combank771077

Commerce has now merged with TD Banknorth. If that name doesn’t jump out at you I wouldn’t be surprised. They are based in Toronto, Canada and aren’t a household name.

However, TD Banknorth has decided that the big Red C millions of people recognize has to go. They have replaced it with a green TD logo with Commerce Bank written in plain black lettering to the side of the logo.Td_commerce

I’m sure TD must have a good reason for getting rid of the one bank logo that most everyone in this market recognizes to create a new one. Maybe they had a bunch of millions they needed to spend on new signage, printing, and everything marketing related they got from Commerce.

I would have kept the Big Red C. Customers have gone through too many bank mergers over the years that are examples of the worst customer service transitions on record to throw one more “new thing” at them at this time. Commerce is known by its customers as having great customer service. Why call attention to the fact that the bank you love is no longer the same bank?

And from the “You Really Can’t Make This Stuff Up” files is a quote in the March 28th Philadelphia Business Journal from TD Banknorth spokesperson, Jennifer Carlson in response to criticism about the change. Ms. Carlson says, “From our research, customers told us that names and logos are not as important as service.”

Wow! Now there is an example of some great marketing research. I hope they didn’t pay too much for that news. You don’t think it’s possible that the same company in charge of this bit of marketing research is the same one in charge of billing out all the changes the new logo and name will require? C’mon – that couldn’t happen.

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