Customers Have Problems, Not Needs

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People buy things to solve problems, not to meet needs. You may have been told to “Find a need and fill it,” but you’re better off if you can “Find a problem and solve it.”

Take for instance the customer whose store is located inside the garden level of a pedestrian shopping mall. They need more customers. Their problem is low visibility. The solution is more signage outside the building and on the walkway where potential customers can see their sign. Which approach are they more likely to spend money on—a need to get more customers, or a sign that sends customers their way?

A small coffee shop needs more mid-morning sales. Their problem is customers using tables to surf the Internet without buying anything. The solution is to give passwords for accessing the net away with every $5 purchase or more. Which approach is more likely to get you the sale of software? Their need for more sales, or your solving their problem with a clear solution?

There are many ways to sell your customer on the fact you can solve their problems, fewer ways to convince them they have a need you can fill.


“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.”
~Richard Bach

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