Cutting Back on Meetings

I'm doing more and more meetings over the web and the telephone in the past year. Part of the reason is geographic. I just don't want to jump on planes anymore for the obvious reasons. But, I'm also meeting with more local prospects and clients the same way. By local, I'm talking about people who live within a couple of hours drive or train ride. For example, I've cut my trips down to NYC by 80%.

There are some great tools that you can use and it only makes sense to make the most of both yours and your client's time. And, by using online meetings, I have faster access to information that I can share. Even if you take your own laptop or use a client's connection it seems like there is always some hitch with their network allowing you to access it or some incompatibility. If I'm using my own computer from my own office, that problem is eliminated and costs are kept in check for everyone.

Here are the tools I use most of the time and why:

  1. GoToMeeting – It works with no problems. It has email reminders and links. I can record the meeting and post it with a link if someone missed it. I can allow anyone in the meeting to take over and show their screen – or not. It also allows for written questions and comments or audio or all the above. And, I have not seen anything better.
  2. GoToWebinar – Same as number 1 above but with more users and features. I haven't found anything to compare to it for the money.
  3. I'm also using GoView a lot which I blogged about before. It is in Beta and free right now. By the way, I have no affiliation with Citrix which makes all three products. I'm just a very happy user.
  4. I have tried several teleconferencing solutions. I can't say that any of them had a wonderful user experience. I want one that controls volumes from all the various callers if I'm going to do a large teleconference. However, I see myself using webinars more than ever. Teleconferencing may play a role in your marketing now but I see webinars taking over that market.
  5. Video conferencing is still a hit or miss game for me. Whether it is one-to-one or a group the video is usually choppy and the audio isn't the greatest. You can put your own solution together with Adobe products and one of their partners but you'd better be ready to shell out the green. I'm going to try a company (iVisit) tomorrow that I've never used before between a group of us that have a regularly scheduled master mind meeting. I'll let you know how it goes.

What are you using for virtual meetings? Are you doing more virtual and less in-person? What tools do you use?

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