Dare To Be Different


Check out the bakery or doughnut shop nearest you on any major holiday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July. You’ll see the same old thing—holiday themed doughnuts. On St. Patrick’s Day they’ll be green, on the Fourth of July they’ll have red, white and blue sprinkles. People expect that. But it’s boring. Chances are you do sales the same way—predictably and boring. So dare to be different.

Being different doesn’t mean having green doughnuts on Valentine’s Day, but it might mean having heart-shaped doughnuts or red and white frosting on Fridays and calling them “Date-night doughnuts.” Instead of going back to the traditional doughnuts the day after St. Patrick’s Day, why not offer “Hangover doughnuts,” e.g. coffee or mocha flavored icing with a free bottle of aspirin with every dozen sold? Being different means seeing a sale or potential for a sale in a way that no one else does. Running naked down the street gets people’s attention, but your job is to keep their attention. How can you tweak what you do so you stand out like a date-night doughnut?

“The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself.” ~Rita Mae Brown

photo compliments of Chiara Abbate

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