5 thoughts on “Diet and Health Before Business”

  1. Wow! Impressive, Bob. Instead of cursing the heavens, you’ve decided to take action and it’s already paying off. Your willpower is admirable. I can’t wait to see your future posts as you shrink down to your fighting weight. Of course, by then you’ll be so skinny I wouldn’t recommend wide-screen videos. We won’t be able to find you!

  2. Good for you, Bob!
    I support you in your new lifestyle!
    Let me know how you progress when you take me to lunch!
    I’m forwarding this as I know someone with the same issues.

  3. Paul and Jill – thank you very much for your support. Maybe the next video I do will be in Paleolithic Man costume! Or, topless dancing once a month as I melt away over the coming year. Can you imagine?

  4. Hi Bob, I found your blog from Tims comments and I love your video. As a Herbalist I am appalled by the amount of drugs people take and completely agree that kids should play in the dirt…..I think the massive overuse of, not just antibiotics, but also antibacterial cleaners, sterilisers etc etc has contributed to the rise in allergies and other conditions. Our immune systems need to be challenged in order for them to function well.
    The paleo diet is new to me but I have been reading a lot about it and finding it fascinating.
    Do keep us updated with your progress!

  5. Thanks Kate and welcome to the Water Cooler. It seems like you can walk down Any Street USA these days and see parents using hand sanitizer on their kids. I understand the need for cleanliness but it has gotten out of hand, hasn’t it!
    I’ll be posting my progress with my new way of health regularly here. Look forward to seeing you.

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