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When’s the last time you got a hand-written letter or card in the mail? I don’t mean a Christmas card someone signed. I mean a heart-felt, sincere letter or note written by a human being. They’re rare aren’t they? You bet they are. Which is why you should be doing just that — writing notes. After every first call to a prospect to set up an in-person appointment, send a thank-you card. Take time to go to a good stationery store and pick up some cards that reflect you or your company, or have cards made with your logo on them.

Hand write a message that simply says, “John, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I look forward to our meeting on the [DAY and DATE] to talk about [TOPIC]. See you then.” No more, no less. Put a business card in the note and hand address the envelope as well. Not only will you stand out, but chances are you’ll jump a notch in the eyes of your prospect because they’ll see how serious you are about your meeting and they’ll be less likely to cancel.

Sure, email is faster, but who remembers email? Do something different.


“Letters are expectation packaged in an envelope.” — Shana Alexander

4 thoughts on “Do Something Different”

  1. Got one a week or so ago, from Patty Newbold. And her stationery is lovely too.

    Actually, I wrote a post about this recently too, inspired by a friend who was considering switching to e-cards.

    1. Great post, Jodi. I was taught to use handwritten notes and letters by a couple of business masters. It’s been a great way to make a good impression and show you really care and it has worked for me for the last 40 years. I think it will continue to work for many years more.

  2. Bob,
    I came across your Thank You image on your thank you article and was wondering what your copyright policy is? I would like to use this
    image on a blog, but wanted your approval/permission first. Please let me
    know what actions are necessary to move forward.


    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Ashley. I was gone for a few days. The “Thank you” image is not my original. It most likely came from one of the stock agencies. You could search for it and then license it from them. If it was mine, I’d let you use it. But, I actually licensed it for the blog. Take care. Bob

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