Do You Feel Like You’re Stuck?

Want to get rid of that stuck feeling? Want to quit wasting time deciding whether the work is worth the goal? How do you determine whether to quit or to keep pushing on? Here's a couple of places to start to find the answers.

Alina Tugend wrote an article for the August 16th New York Times in the column "Shortcuts." The article is entitled "Winners Never Quit? Well, Yes, They Do."

Then, after you read it, go over to Seth Godin's Squidoo page on his book, "The Dip." It's a quick one page read and after you've read it, I recommend spending the $10 and buying his book.

My copy of "The Dip" is traveling around the world. I passed it on to someone in Canada who passed it on to someone else and I'm waiting to hear back about its latest adventure. Read You Can Borrow My Copy of The Dip.

It's time to stop feeling stuck.

1 thought on “Do You Feel Like You’re Stuck?”

  1. I just heard from Barb who was last to pass on my copy of The Dip. Here is what she says.
    “Your copy of The Dip is making the rounds of the local Chamber of Commerce members, and then I hope to take it to a conference of home based businesses. Either that or it will make its way North to the Yukon Territory.”
    By Chamber of Commerce, Barb means the one in Neepawa, Manitoba. I think the book is going to be needing a heavy coat and a hat soon!

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