Do You Have A Monkey Mind?

I often lie in bed at night right before I go to sleep experiencing what I call Monkey Mind. Notice I don't say suffering from it. Monkey Mind to me is that time when you are all alone with your thoughts about your business or clients or the sales call you have planned tomorrow. Your mind tends to race from one thought to another like a monkey jumps from tree to tree. Now this kind of thinking would be distracting much of the time and there are therapists who work to eliminate these thoughts.

But, I find it also can be very creative.

I suspect most business owners find themselves awake at times thinking about the company. It's stressful running a company and there are things that keep us awake at night. But, try turning it into a positive experience. I let my mind jump around and, if you can imagine doing this; I stand back and watch it as an observer. When it jumps to a thought that seems interesting to me the observer, I engage myself fully in the process and that's when I get some of my better ideas.

Keep a digital recorder, or lighted pen and paper next to the bed. Write the ideas down immediately. If you don't, you'll often realize it was fleeting and now is gone.

In the morning take a look at the list or listen to the recording over your breakfast. Often what seemed like a good idea turns out to be one the monkey should have kept. But, just as often, you may find the solution for a problem, an insight into someone who works for you, or a creative marketing idea that you can implement today.

When you're ready to sleep. Become the observer again and say goodnight to the monkey. Let the thoughts rise and float away into the trees. If you still need help sleeping, try a glass of warm milk blended with a banana.

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