Do You Like Politicians?

Do you like politicians? I’m curious because I’ve done my best since I knew what one is to stay away from them. I don’t hate them but in my first 60 years on the planet I made it a point not to invite one home for dinner. And, now I pretty much find them all to be dishonest and/or incompetent.

But, YOU must like them. How do I know that? Well, I’ve read it twice in the last few weeks in two different esteemed US newspapers. Both times the writers said, “Most people like politicians.”

Who knew! 

Seriously is some PR agency starting a “Hug a Politician Today” campaign?

Thanks to some Supreme Court justices who are trying to bring back a 1950 version of America (rural and small town with the men in charge, women who did what they were told, and kids who were seen but not heard) corporations can spend as much as they want on ads for or against specific candidates.

If you like politicians then you must be really happy right now.

We have campaign ads running on television 24×7 now. And, the ads which always were pretty much bullshit have reached the point where someone running for the Senate can just lie. Who’s going to call them on it? Not the media from the same networks and newspapers that make billions off their advertising.

There is never a deficit of people who want to be a candidate for election to office in our cities, counties, states and federal government. Some of them even have good intentions (other than feeding their narcissism and lining their pockets) when they first run for office. I believe that. Stop laughing. I do believe it. But, then something happens when they are elected. They become politicians.

And, lying their way into office has become accepted. Creating hate by lying and instilling fear has become acceptable. You are either part of this problem or you can be part of the solution. Continuing to sit on your ass and not vote has been acceptable for way too long and makes you part of the problem. Don't let the liars and hate mongerers continue their tactics. Hold them to the truth.

And, I suggest you read this column by Frank Rich to see what some of the lies and fear is doing.

I like to always keep in mind what the character in The Hunt for Red October,’ Dr. Jeffrey Pelt, National Security Advisor said to Jack Ryan. I figure this is when fiction is the truth.

“Listen, I'm a politician which means I'm a cheat and a liar, and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops.”

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4 thoughts on “Do You Like Politicians?”

  1. I had a heated constitutional discussion with a politician (my then congressman – who lasted only one term!) long ago (about the first amendment). I won. At the end, he wanted to know if I was in law school. Nope. 10th grade.

  2. Election season makes me SO GLAD we don’t watch regular tv. And we may not watch the disgusting political advertising, but we sure as hell DO vote. I discovered this week and it was super helpful at letting me get my bearings, even in the midst of this crazy schedule!

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