Dogs Must Be On Leash

You ever notice that in a park with signs posted, “All dogs must be on leash” there is always someone (and it’s almost always a guy) who doesn’t think the law applies to them. Why is that?

It’s not any different than airline passengers who flaunt the rules about carry-on baggage. There’s always plenty (it used to be a minority) of people who wheel down the ramp with one huge bag, one almost huge bag, and then the handbag/briefcase I could live out of for a week. Then they come down the aisle of the plane hitting every other passenger with the bag they have slung over their shoulder.

Last week while waiting for a valet to return my car, I watched a woman in a super-sized Escalade drop-off someone at the main entrance to a hospital thereby blocking the entrance and exit doors. Okay – no problem. She was dropping someone off. But, then she proceeded to sit there blocking the doors for a good five minutes while chatting away on her cell phone. Someone finally blew a horn at her to move on. She did – about 6 feet where she continued to sit and talk on the phone and block only half the doors. Just as I was leaving she drove away and I followed her off the hospital grounds. She wasn’t even waiting on anyone. I guess she felt entitled to do what she wanted and everyone else can f#$% off. Apparently the same thing the JetBlue passenger told the steward when he told her to remain seated.
I wonder if these people are the same ones I see parking in handicap spaces near the door at the supermarket or shopping center because they are “only going to be a few minutes.”

When I see these kinds of actions, I sometimes feel discouraged about the human race. I find the lack of civility and the blatant rudeness and sense of entitlement appalling.

But, then I remember the gentleman who walks in the park near my home who always carries a bag to pick up garbage that others leave behind. I know a man who always leaves money behind at a restaurant to pay for meals for veterans. I’ve witnessed people who look like they could use a few bucks reach into their pockets to help someone on the streets. Lots of kids in my area run lemonade stands for Alex’s Lemonade. The list can go on-and-on. I bet you can add to it.

Do you know any unsung heroes you’d like to recognize just to let us know about them? I’d like to know about them and I bet lots of other readers would too.

Moving on to one of my unsung heroes – my friend Tim Brownson wrote a blog post today that might be one of the most useful ones he has ever written. (And, if you know Tim you know that means this is a great one!)

He calls it – “Creativity – Guaranteed!”

2 thoughts on “Dogs Must Be On Leash”

  1. Frankly, I have two dogs who are never on a leash unless absolutely necessary. I’m of the opinion that leashes keep people and animals apart, making them antisocial. I’ve met antisocial dogs, they’re dangerous and annoying. What’s the problem with a dog coming up to you and having a good ol sniff? He’s saying, hi. Be polite, say hi back.

  2. @Rachael – So, you’re the one woman out of all those men who let their dogs run free despite the leash law!
    All kidding aside, you must be a new reader as I’ve written many times about my dogs and my love for them and the rest of the zoo that lives with me.
    I’m not worried about the owner who lets their dog run off the leash in a park full of kids and other dogs – I’m worried about the dog.
    Several things can and do happen. The guy I saw yesterday had a well behaved dog that he let run free. But, as they were walking down a path out came a woman with two pit bulls on leashes who saw the dog running right past them and all hell broke lose. The nice dog got jumped and the owner had to wade in to save it since he didn’t have a leash to pull it away before it all started.
    Also, I’ve seen kids run from a German Shepard that a guy lets run free in the same park and the Shepard goes after them. It’s not a bad dog but it was never socialized with people or other dogs. The owners are irresponsible.
    If that dog bites someone (it has) and they report it (this person did not) the dog will have to be confined and it will have a tag of violent dog. It’s owners will have to build fencing for it where it lives and their home owners insurance goes up.
    Or worse, the owners say they won’t do all that and the poor dog gets put down. My vet has told me about that happening often.
    We also have dog parks where they can run free and be with other dogs and people who love interacting with them. Or, in my case, I have a friend with acres of deer fenced property so I let mine run there as much as they want.
    That’s where the knuckleheads who put their pets at risk by letting them run in places where there are leash laws need to take their dogs. Why don’t they? It’s like I said in the post.
    A lack of civility and the blatant rudeness and sense of entitlement is appalling.
    Thanks for your thoughts, Rachael.

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