Doing Not Dreaming

Some of these names are probably familiar to you.

And, of course, Tupperware.

These are all examples of Direct Sales Companies. Many of them use a form of network marketing. Many use home party plans as a method of demonstrating, selling products and recruiting new salespeople. Most of these types of companies have products that range from very good to outstanding. They need to because their pricing model demands top prices in order to pay enough commission to attract new salespeople.

I know people who have excellent incomes as a result of direct sales. I also know a lot more who have invested a good bit of time and money to come away disappointed. If you haven't sold anything before today – the experience can be valuable. Or, it can convince you that you never want to hear the word sales again.

However –

  • If you commit yourself to it as a business and not a hobby.
  • If you're passionate, persistent, and work like crazy.
  • If you immerse yourself in learning about the business, sales and marketing. 
  • If you build relationships and give your customers extraordinary service.
  • If you find a good mentor who knows when to hold your hand and when to kick you in the seat of your pants.
  • If you don't let the dream killers stop you.
  • If you Listen First and Sell Later.

If you do all these things you can be successful in direct sales.

If you do all these things you can be successful at anything.

Even that business of your own.

Because you're the type of person who makes dreams come true by doing – not just dreaming.

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