Domain Mess Redux

The craziness of this whole domain management process just gets crazier. In yesterday's post I told you about how people will watch the WHOIS traffic and jump on a name before you can register. And, Network Solutions seems to be the worst. They will lock up a name for 3-4 days if you search and don't buy it whereupon the sleazes will jump on the name before you get a chance. Their folks must be so proud of them.

Then today, I had TypePad do the domain mapping so I could use the domain I bought yesterday for the URL for this blog. Jen at TypePad went to do it but found out that my registrar, FYINIC, does not allow you to edit the CNAME Record which is required in order to set up Domain Mapping.

I mean who makes up these rules and why aren't they standardized?

Jen suggested I move the domain to another registrar where I can edit the CNAME record. I moved it to GoDaddy and told Jen I'd let her know when the transfer takes place. It's usually one day.

I guess we're going to be waiting longer than that though. GoDaddy sent me an email telling me that there is some rule that does not allow the transfer of new domain names for 60 days after their initial registration. I'm sure there must be some good reason for that rule. Perhaps someone here can tell me or even hazard a guess.

Like I said yesterday – the entire domain name system is broken and is a mess!

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