Don’t Fall for Temptation

You're looking at your P&L and worrying. And, you might be tempted to lay off or replace some of your higher paid employees with any one of the dozens knocking on your door. Here are a few reasons to think twice about that strategy:

  1. An experienced employee knows how to accomplish daily tasks in much less time than someone new. They are more productive and less error prone because of experience and processes they have helped create and implement.
  2. Loyalty is highly valued and when your key people see you getting rid of others; they are more likely to leave. Exceptional people always have other opportunities.
  3. Odds are high that the experienced person has formed valuable relationships with your customers and suppliers. Try to quantify what that might be worth to you.

Living in fear that their job might be in jeopardy doesn't give people an incentive to do better. The poor performers will continue to be poor performers. Keeping them in the job isn't fair to anyone. However, talented, key employees need to reassured that they are valued, needed and their jobs secure.

A manager playing mind games with people's jobs and lives is unacceptable and it will come back to haunt you. If you have bad news, be upfront and tell people. Don't hold the specter of job loss over anyone.

Stop managing and lead.

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