Don’t Look Like the Real Deal. Be the Real Deal.

Many of us pride ourselves on being able to “spot a phony,” but we fail to realize that our prospects can read us just as well as we can read them. You may look like the real deal, but you have to be the real deal too. You can’t just talk a good game. You have to back it up. Talk the talk, walk the walk. Whatever you call it, however you define it, you must be authentic.

If you’re going to call yourself “First class” you’re telling your customers to expect service, product and customer service that is “of the highest quality.” If you can’t deliver it, don’t promise it. Because when you promise first class and deliver third class, you ruin your credibility. Under promise and over deliver. To be first class:

  • Always do what you say you will do, no excuses.
  • Always give whatever you do your personal best, whether it’s a small client or large corporation.
  • Don’t make a promise you can’t keep and don’t break a promise once you make it.

You can’t just look first class. You have to be first class.
-Jeffrey Gitomer

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