Don’t Rush Written Proposals

don't rush
There’s a reason for second dates, follow up calls and patience. When a client you’ve just met seems like a great prospect and immediately asks you for a written proposal, don’t rush. Unless you’ve spent enough time with them to walk through the details of the problem, or to discuss different approaches, you’re wasting your time. You really don’t have enough information to write an effective proposal, even though many people do it anyway.

It hurts your chances of creating a winning proposal if you don’t get the information you need before you write it. Don’t get pressured into saying yes. You’ll get more respect if you say, “I’d love to send you a proposal, but I’ll need more information before I can put it together. When’s a good time for a second conversation?” If they tell you they’re on a deadline or need something immediately, walk away if possible. Chances are they’re looking more at price than proposals.  It’s your time and judgment call, but beware the rush for a written proposal if they can’t give you all the information you want and need.


“A jug fills drop by drop.” – Buddha

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