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This is a special edition of The Daily Doughnut directed more towards the ladies in attendance. However, you guys might want to read on as this will apply to you too. Today is a special day for my friend, Nell Stephenson. You might recall I’ve interviewed Nell for The Water Cooler Hangout podcast a couple of times. Nell is a private fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. She’s also an elite athlete who has qualified for and participated in the World Championship Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii five times placing near the top including a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

It’s a special day because today is the official launch date of her book, Paleoista. If you’ve ever published a book then you know how excited she is feeling today. But, Nell is all about you and me and how we are feeling.  Nell wrote Paleoista because she wants all of us to “gain energy, get lean, and feel fabulous.”

Paleoista is about eating the way you were born to eat. It’s about the belief that we were intended to eat off the land: what walks on it, grows from it, or swims in its waters. It’s about sticking to the kind of foods that human beings were born to ingest (fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, lean meats, and natural fats), and excluding those that were developed later (grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils).

What makes this book so valuable and why you should buy it today is Nell doesn’t just explain why you should consider eating naturally but she includes:

  • A Kitchen Makeover Guide to Get Started on the Right Foot
  • A Healthy Grocery Store Field Trip to Stock a Paleo-Friendly Kitchen
  • Two Weekly “Hours in the Kitchen” to Prep a Week’s Worth of Meals Ahead of Time
  • A Move-to-Lose Plan to Show You What to Do with All Your Extra Energy
  • Sticking With It Socially Including How to Order at Restaurants, Got to a Party, Travel, Keep Your Kids Paleo, and Get Together With Friends without Compromising Your Paleo Eating Plan
  • And, More Than Fifty Simple, Delicious Paleo Recipes

Finally, you might recall that I eat Paleo. You can hear what I personally experience here and here.

Paleoista. Go buy it here. Buy a copy for someone you love. I don’t get a cent if you do. I just know that by reading and applying what Nell tells you wonderful changes can occur for you just as they did for me. And, that’s why I’m sending you this special Daily Doughnut.


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