Dreaming Big – Really Big!

Trip-2003-07-16-ND-Gladstone-Enchanted-Highway-1-200 Five-miles of weld. That’s how much welding material went into Geese in Flight – the world's largest metal sculpture according to Guinness.

It can take as much as four years to complete one metal sculpture. Gary Greff has completed seven of them and each one is the largest in the world of its type. He has four more to create before his project is finished.

Almost 20 years ago, Gary began dreaming of ways to help save the small community of Regent, North Dakota. He feared the town would someday die if it relied solely on farming. After seeing people stop on the highway to take photos of a hay bale strongman built by a local farmer, Gary got the idea to build huge metal sculptures.

And, so began his quest to build eleven in all over a 32 mile stretch of road he calls The Enchanted Highway. Beginning at Exit 72 off Interstate 94, The Enchanted Highway ends at the town of Regent where he hopes his dream will come true of seeing the community thrive.

The World’s Largest Tin Family was erected in 1991 with a Man, Lady and Boy. The Tin Man is 45 feet tall and he needs 16 telephone poles to anchor and hold him up. Grasshoppers, fish, geese, pheasants, deer and Teddy Roosevelt are all completed.

Gary relies on donations to finance his work. There is no charge to see The Enchanted Highway. He’d like to see the state or some corporate sponsors get behind the project. Next on the drawing board is the world’s largest motorcycle. I asked Gary if he thought he might make it a particular brand. Are you listening Harley, Indian, Victory, and Yamaha?

Some people dream big but never act. Gary dreams VERY BIG and plans to keep on creating his sculptures until all eleven are done or “I’m six-feet under.”

By the way, Gary had never done any art projects or welding prior to starting on his dream.

What’s stopping you from acting on your dream?

I bet it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal now – does it?

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