Dreams, Risk, and Change

I never met him. Years ago one of his dreams became my first computer. His dreams are all around me today. I use several of them every day and his dreams have melded with mine.

I wish yesterday had never happened.

Sometimes things just don’t make any sense. Like this change.

I live for change. I encourage, facilitate, and evangelize change.

But, this is one change I feel that is just not right.

The tears I feel welling up as I write this are sad ones but they are also tears of appreciation for a world that is better because he dared to dream big and to risk even bigger.

7 thoughts on “Dreams, Risk, and Change”

  1. Bob,

    I feel the same, and not because I was an early devotee of Apple and all it represented. For too many years, I saw “traditional” executives scoff at Apple and its “quirkiness.” He was creating a new world that we all now almost take for granted. Worth noting that Steve Job retired within a week or so of
    H-P — one the dominant manufacturer of PCs (yikes, even the term now sounds a bit archaic) declared defeat in their efforts to “unplug” and enter the new, real world.

    1. Hi Paul – Great observation about the HP pad. It is all about risk, vision and being willing to fail. Jobs is a risk taker. HP shuns risk. The last one they took was hiring Carly.

  2. Funny how the reaction (from you, me, and many others) is almost eulogistic. None of us ever met him – and it seems he could be an awful, difficult man to live/work with, yet we feel we’ve lost something.

    1. I felt like I was writing a eulogy so I kept rewriting so it wasn’t one. The personal Jobs is probably not someone I’d enjoy spending social time with. The fact that Larry Ellison is his best friend validates that in my mind. He sure is fun to watch though.

  3. I really believe in you. I never meet also but he’s known all over the world. I also believe that it seems he could be an awful person, difficult man to live/work with, yet we feel and think that we’ve lost something.

  4. Hi Bob, with people like Steve Jobs maybe some of that charisma and intelligence started to rub off on the next guy. Maybe there’s some young kid waiting in the wings to fill his shoes.

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