Dylan Ogline Interview

The Watercooler Hangout Podcast

Season 03 Episode #11

Changing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset With Dylan Ogline


“Focus on your main gig and that will lead to your success”   –Dylan Ogline 

Welcome to the Watercooler Hangout podcast, where I chat with influential and successful sales and marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, and creative people just like you as we share real-life stories about sales, marketing, leadership, and creativity. Listen in and learn the best advice on how to move your business to the next level!

A Bit About Dylan

With his first job at 14 flipping phones on eBay, Dylan was starting his entrepreneurial journey. He convinced his parents to let him attend homeschool classes his sophomore year of high school to focus on his business. Dylan only took a couple of tests and dropped out of high school by the age of 16.

Once his business was shut down because of his age, he started graphic and web design services. “I bounced around for 12 years getting absolutely nowhere until I started focusing on digital marketing.” 

Focus is the Key to Success 

He comments that many business owners he has come across have been focused on the wrong aspect of a business, looking to make money here or there instead of dialing in on their main gig and becoming successful from that point. Dylan uses his business knowledge and skills to help other businesses focus and drill down their advertising plan with a digital marketing management plan.

The Benefits of Working with Small Business 

Small business is excellent to work with because you can move fast. “What keeps me away from working with big business is sitting through meeting after meeting just to decide on a color scheme.” He focuses on working with businesses with a marketing budget and are spending money on billboards or other advertising. “I’m targeting small businesses that are looking to grow that can afford a premium solution.”

Dylan undoubtedly believes that anybody can start and build their own digital agency that will allow them to have more freedom and live a life with purpose and meaning. Dylan’s training programs are designed to take the guesswork out of building an agency and remove all of the unknowns that stop so many people from starting their own businesses.

Listen in as we talk about which level of marketing you should focus on, the perils of entrepreneurship, and why you need to get out of your own way if you want to grow. Learn how to understand your KPI and why you need to empower your team.

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