Economic Opportunity – One Bite At A Time

I was waiting for an elevator on the 4th floor of an office building this morning when I noticed a young man dressed in the uniform of a locally owned chain of sandwich and hoagie shops waiting beside me. He was holding a bunch of literature and bags from the store. I was curious as to what he was doing and since nobody else was waiting, I struck up a conversation.

It turned out Mark is the manager and one of the owners of the stores. He said he was in the building "marketing." I asked him how the economy was affecting his business. He laughed and said it has never been better. I said I have to hear your story.

Mark told me that many of his competitors were typical eat-in chains or locally owned diners and restaurants and that they were all complaining about less people coming in for lunch. Mark said he figured people still eat so they must be eating in the office. He said his stores are one of the few that delivers lunches every day.

So, he started going to all the local office complexes in the area and dropping off samples and coupons for free hoagies. He said his strategy is to find people who have never tried them before and then keep them as customers by providing a great product and super customer service.

Business has never been better according to Mark. When a customer uses the coupon they almost always order more food for other people in the office. When it is delivered, the driver leaves another coupon for a different special. And, so he builds the relationship. He then smiled and offered me a coupon for a free sandwich. I told him I'll look forward to giving them a try.

As he walked away I heard him whistling and although his back was to me, I knew he was smiling from ear-to-ear.

Some people see a recession.

Some people see opportunity.

Which person are you?

2 thoughts on “Economic Opportunity – One Bite At A Time”

  1. Excellent! As I say to my clients, stand out from the crowd. There is unlimited opportunity even in this economy if you are willing to step away from “business as usual” and step into what is possible! I love your “hangout”!

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