Eight Things About Me Memetag

This is just for fun. I don’t usually engage in meme tag games but someone I follow on Twitter and with whom I share a mentor posted hers so I tagged her back. Her name is Pistachio and you can visit her here.

Eight Things About Me Memetag

1. Favorite adventure: Spending time with the Coca Cola King of Africa at his home and around the city of Tangier. He was an American expat from WWII who never went home and made a fortune in Africa.

2. Most flawed climate research: driving to Minneapolis one winter in a Trans Am in cold where the average was around twenty below zero. Stalling the engine or shutting it off would have most likely resulted in becoming a Popsicle.

3. Weirdest honor: Awarded second place in the International Door Knob Tossing event at the East Liverpool Pottery Festival.

4. Dumbest move: managing to hang onto a tear gas grenade as it exploded in my hand. It took a bit of hand with it and put a hole in the ceiling but I lived to tell about it.

5. Jack-of-these-trades: Jobs I’ve held for pay for at least one week: photographer, newspaper reporter, on air radio news broadcaster, assistant to funeral director and embalmer, sailor, copier salesperson, software entrepreneur, marketing VP, CEO.

6. Best use of a state park: spending days in Beaver Creek State Park in Columbia County, Ohio where I grew up. I knew the place so well I could have been a guide and I miss it.

7. Strangest home: I traveled and lived in a very small salvage vessel for two years working with deep sea divers.

8. What’s my major? I began school majoring in Anthropology, then Psychology, then finally settled on what other than English. So, I became an entrepreneur. It made sense to me.

It’s your turn. I tag YOU. (If you want to play along, play along and link back to it here.)

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