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During a presentation this week about Web 2.0 and inbound marketing, Josh asked me if I recommended stopping the use of email for marketing. I realized, as we discussed his question, that my focus on in-bound marketing, story telling, and social networking had led him to believe I didn't think email is a viable tool.

That is not the case. Permission based email is still a fantastic marketing tool!

SPAM is not a good thing. Although I have to say one thing about it. People get way too riled up about it at times. I get a whole lot of unsolicited junk mail delivered by the US Postal Service. And, I get plenty of unsolicited email. Between the two, I'll take the SPAM. It's easier to get rid of and causes me very little angst. I don't ever suggest that someone purchase a list or use spam of any kind. On the other hand, I don't rush to send a letter to my congressman every time I get a piece. Like much legislation, the Can-SPAM is a camel. (A camel is really a horse that was created by a legislative committee)

Email works. It's targeted to those people interested in hearing from you. It allows you to provide value while also communicating your story. It is faster to create than podcasts or vidcasts. You can direct people to landing pages where they can download your latest eBook or white paper (if they want).

I don't see using email for marketing going away for a long time.

Probably about the same time that email totally disappears.

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