Encourage Leadership – Discourage Management

This is for anyone who has employees – or may be thinking of having them. You can take the temperature of the success of a business by watching and listening to them. Well, maybe you can’t if you’re the boss. And, you might be getting filtered information when you do try.

Instead hire or ask someone you trust to do it for you. It’s easy if it is a retail business. But, you can do the same thing in any kind of business. Have someone pose as a customer. Restaurants do it all the time but I heartily recommend all businesses to do it and that they do it on a regular basis.

For example, there is a supermarket near me that should have a sign over the door to the employees break room that says:

Through these doors walk the unhappiest, most miserable employees in the world.

I’ve written about Sucking Black Holes before. This is a business that has a culture and environment where people hate working. And, so they have a lot of turnover. If you see the staff walking around the store they won’t make eye contact with you. They are rude and only seem to talk to each other. Civility and good manners don’t exist.

You would think that ownership or management would have a clue to what is going on there. But, apparently, the employees have determined that it is the managers and owners are the enemy. I have purposefully engaged some of the employees into smiling. They will talk to me and when I tease them about smiling they will say something like, “You wouldn’t smile either if you had to work here for these people.”

Yesterday I watched a check out line that people kept leaving for some reason even though it was open and nobody was waiting. I had to find out why so I went into the line. The clerk told me it might be a while as the lady he had been checking out was 35 cents short and she had gone out to her car to find the 35 cents.

I said are you saying you’re stopped an entire line from checking out on your busiest day because she didn’t have 35 cents? “Did she pay you what she owed you besides the 35 cents?” I asked. He said that she had so I said “Why didn’t you just ring her out and forget the 35 cents or call a manager over who I am sure would have told hr bring it later? He said he couldn’t do that – store policy. So, I said, “Here’s 35 cents. When she comes back give her the groceries. Meanwhile, you can now ring her out and check me out.”

Meanwhile, she came back before I left and the clerk told her I had paid the 35 cents. She seemed very flustered and must have been combing her car to find lost change. I felt badly for her and told her it has happened to me before.

My point is this is an example of a business with managers but no leaders.

Don’t be a manager – be a leader. Don’t allow your financial people to make store policy. Allow front line people to make common sense decisions and reward them for it. In fact, tell the rest of the staff immediately.

Encourage leadership. Discourage management.

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