Every Season Has Its Reason

Just as there’s a fall, winter, spring and summer, or sowing, tending, reaping and resting phase for crops, there are seasons for sales as well. Each season has a purpose—preparation for the next phase. Sales too has its seasons whether they’re weekly, monthly or quarterly. Think of customers and your time with them seasonally. Don’t think of a “slow time” as a bad time. Rest, regroup, prepare your tools and your garden and plan for spring.

Spring—a time of planning and planting
Set your goals for the month, quarter or year. Begin to plant your seeds (social media, introductions, word-of-mouth, cold calls, warm calls)

Summer—a time of tending and nurturing
You’ve planted, or may still be planting seeds, yet the seeds that are in the ground need nurturing, watering, care and follow up.

Fall—a time of harvesting and reaping
You’ve nurtured your contacts, clients and customers and they’re ready to buy. Enjoy the fruits of your harvest and celebrate with them and because of them. Together you’ve done some good work.

Winter—a time of resting and preparing for spring
You’ve made your sale but don’t bolt for the door. Rest, watch, plan and prepare for the next sale.


“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, and in winter enjoy.”
~William Blake

photo by jeremy wilburn

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