Every Tail Has a Mouth

it bites

When you mix babies and animals, like cats and dogs, you soon learn how babies learn that tails have teeth. By that I mean that when you pull a dog or cat’s tail they will often turn around and bite or nip. It happens because babies haven’t yet learned boundaries and to respect their fellow creatures dignity and space. It’s not pleasant to watch and it sure scares and upsets both the animal and the baby.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that salespeople sometimes take the “pull the tail” approach with long-term customers. Essentially, they take them for granted, they get too casual which can lead to violating boundaries or making invalid assumptions. It is one thing to have a great relationship with a client but never forget to respect the fact that they are clients and that they’re there for you to help, not take advantage of.


“If it can lick, it can bite.” French proverb

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