Everybody’s Talking About Me

Welcome back to everyone in the US from their long holiday weekend. We had the best weather of the summer here in Eastern Pennsylvania.

I want to discuss another type of personality or customer style today. I call this person "The Talker." It's an easy visual to create if you think of someone who likes to talk – and does so quite a lot. This person is extremely easy to get to know. In fact, they feel like they have known you forever. They love almost everyone and they think everyone else feels that way about them. They like wearing bright colors and very stylish clothes. You can usually count on them to have plenty of jewelry. Put two of these types in a room and you have an instant party. Also, very little in the way of work will get done.

Here's the most important thing for you to consider. They rarely will be put into a position of being the final business decision maker. They liked being liked too much to disappoint someone. If they are in a decision making capacity, they will make the decision very spontaneously and without a lot of consideration or deliberateness.

This style will not make decisions on facts alone. The decision will be based on feelings. They need to trust you and feel good about you. And, most importantly, if they are the final decision maker, they will need others on their team or in their company to support them. Remember, they don't want to disappoint people.

Let them talk about themselves. Ask them about their weekend. Talk about feelings more than facts. If you're the analytical type who keeps their emotions to themselves and you value accuracy above compliments – you're in trouble if you are trying to sell "The Talker." It's going to be oil and water right from the start. So loosen up. Learn to communicate with them the way they need to be communicated with and not the way you feel comfortable.

Or, find someone in your organization who is also a "Talker" and send them to begin the relationship. Just make sure you realize that after the first sales call neither one will have talked much business. But, they sure will have found someone they like and trust.

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People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Since we can’t pick or choose the “type” of person we are most likely to trust and like right away, we need to learn how to effectively with everyone’s personality style.” Learn how in this report and start increasing your sales right away!

Selling To The Four Personality Types

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