Everything Changes

Every morning as I first sit at my desk and begin to type to write these postings, a ritual takes place that I had nothing to do with starting. With only a few clicks from the keyboard, my beautiful Maine Coon cat, Winnie jumps up on the desk and places herself as close as possible to the keyboard as she stares into my eyes. If I ignore her, she raises one paw about an inch. If I continue to ignore her she touches my hand with the raised paw. And, finally, should I be so callous as to continue to ignore her, she simply rolls her entire body onto the keyboard which instantly brings typing to a halt. I then pick her up and hold her in my arms while I give her a head and neck massage. She has me well trained – and I love it.

“Aren’t you writing about change and not cats?” you ask. “Yes, I am. Please let me explain.”

I’ve always been a dog person. Since I can remember being able to walk I have had a dog in my life. I now have two and they also spend much of the day in my office. The youngest one has a proclivity for lying on my feet while I try and work. But, I never really thought much about cats. I didn’t hate them as some dog lovers like to brag. I just thought they didn’t have much going for them as a pet. You know the stereotype about cats – aloof, sneaky, lazy. While dogs are brave, loyal, and loving. Or, so I thought.

But, change happens and it happens to all of us. One day a cat came into my life by accident and all my thinking about cats changed. It turns out all those stereotypes are just that. Cats can be just as brave, loyal and loving as dogs – only differently.

That got me to thinking about business and how our customers perceive us and how we perceive them. Everything is always changing. As the chief marketing officer, part of your job is to know what is changing and when it is changing and to adjust to it. The restaurant that keeps allowing people to smoke will eventually lose all their customers except smokers. The company that uses automated call answering and forces their customers to push an endless series of button to answer questions, then keeps them on hold for 15 minutes, and then makes them answer the questions all over again when a human finally picks up is going to see those customers leave for a company who values their relationships and doesn’t look at a customer interaction as a cost to keep down.

At one time people thought those automated systems were clever and a way to cut costs. Now, most people hate them.

Everything and everyone changes. What changes are you missing that are making your clients unhappy right now? What changes could you make that would delight them?

If you would like to read the story of the cat that came into my life by accident – Click Here.

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