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Hi Everyone – What a fantastic 24 hours it has been here. Seth Godin's book, Tribes, has already made a positive impact on lots of people including my friends – YOU! You can read some of the comments from yesterdays posting below the posting.

Also, I spent last evening with a group of wonderful volunteers at a private school where I am a trustee. These people all have children in the school and they have a passion to let other people know about it. It's called United Friends School if you're interested in looking at their website.

I don't have any children in the school nor do I have any affiliation with the school. A good friend's son asked me to come to Grandparent's Day last year at the school to stand in for his Grandparents. I spent half a day with them and I was blown away. This school understands education as it was intended. The kids are engaged, passionate and love learning there. And, I heard the stories from the kids themselves. The teachers and administrators are leaders. They love showing the kids how to break the status quo. I had to be a part of it – so I asked them how I could help and I'm having a ball!

Today, in a matter of a very short period, I created a social network for them in what would have taken days of coding (that I could not have done) and lots of dollars not that long ago. The cost today was FREE unless you want to remove the ads that run on the side of the site. If you do, it's still very inexpensive. You can do it too at Ning. Check them out.

We are living in a time where one person can make a big impact on the lives of others in ways unlike any other time in history. The technologies that exists to help us are just tools. It still takes someone wanting to make a difference – someone who is tired of sheepwalking – a new Seth term. If you're reading this blog you're not likely to be a sheepwalker. But, you might be on hold – wondering if you can be a successful business owner or entrepreneur. Have faith – you can do it. Faith is where it all starts. Read Tribes for more about faith.

You can still get one of the three books that I'm giving away. Drop me a note that you're interested in the book. I'll add your name to the drawing.

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