Fast Talking Salesperson

IStock_000000636145XSmall I got a voice mail late yesterday from a salesperson. I think she was a salesperson but I'm not sure. I'm going to have to listen several times to determine her name and phone number. Or, I might just delete the message and wait for her to call me back – if she does. Or, meantime, I may find what I want from someone else.

This happens much too often. Salespeople leave a lot of voice mails and many of them develop a terrible habit of leaving a message like they were in a speed talking contest.

Please, do everyone a favor. Get a digital tape recorder and practice your phone messages. Seriously! Speak at a reasonable, conversational, speed and enunciate. Tell us your name and company first. Then leave a short message. And, finish up by repeating your name (spell it if it could be misunderstood) and then leave your phone number and repeat it slowly so we can write it down.

There's more than one reason why you don't want to be thought of as a fast talker.

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