Finding and Interrupting Prospects

Lorna in Ireland sells designer fabrics and interior accessories for upscale customers. After reading “You've Got to Interrupt Them At Some Point" yesterday, Lorna asked me for some ideas of how to find these prospective, upscale (mostly female) customers. You might want to read this posting if you don't remember it.

There are some general ideas listed on the posting, but I think if I were in Lorna’s position, I would start by finding out where the members of my prospective hive live and play. I would definitely make a point to meet some of them (you probably already have some as customers) and find out what local charities they support. Read “Turn It Into A Fund Raiser So Everyone Wins” for some ideas.

I’d also put together a presentation that you could give for free to every womens' club and organization. Teach them some of what you know about interior design. Show them photos of before and after rooms. Let them experience your story and they will see for themselves why they should buy from you. Make sure you leave them with a reason to come visit you in person or on the web. Give them something free! A client of mine in the US does this and offers a free in-home consultation. The first visit is to learn. On the second visit she brings fabrics and art and sells.

You can use any number of inexpensive software programs to build the presentation and you can rent or buy a projector to attach to your laptop. If you can't afford to go high tech then get some large photos matted and use easels and actually samples. I'd use a combination of both. The projector and computer for the presentation followed up by some actual samples people can see and touch.

If you want to build you own hive as quickly as possible, I believe it is best to interrupt people in person. You can advertise, use direct mail, and a half dozen traditional ways of “interrupting” but I’ll put my money and time on talking to people directly, teaching them, telling them my story and giving them a compelling reason to follow up with you.

Do you have some ideas you can offer Lorna? What's working for you these days?

Here is Lorna's Blog – Garrendenny Lane – why not pay her a visit.

1 thought on “Finding and Interrupting Prospects”

  1. Thanks a million for those suggestions, Bob. Lots of great ideas that are simple enough to carry out. In many ways, I think it is also a question of confidence in terms of presentations but I’m working on that!
    Thanks again and all the best, Lorna
    PS a really useful, information and interesting blog.

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