Focus on Beginnings – Accept Endings

Most of us dread endings–the end of a relationship, the end of a job, the end of a customer. But endings are a part of every aspect of our business and personal lives. Endings done well bring growth and opportunity. Endings done poorly bring bad outcomes and lost opportunity. To end things well, end with a goal in mind. End things that are not bringing you closer to your goal. End things that are taking up more time, energy and space than they are bringing in opportunity, money or the desires of your heart. Make endings a normal part of your life and quit seeing them as a problem to avoid, and more of an opportunity to explore when you begin anew.

Things, jobs, clients, relationships and projects need to end when:

  • They’re unproductive and more effort does not bring about more results
  • Their purpose, process, reason is over. Stop beating dead horses. Acknowledge reality and move on.
  • The map you have of a situation is no longer an accurate map.

Endings are a necessary part of life. If you didn’t have endings you’d be married to your prom date, working in your first job, driving your first car and living in your first house.
Dr. Henry Cloud, author, Necessary Endings

2 thoughts on “Focus on Beginnings – Accept Endings”

  1. Thanks for the insight into endings Bob. I was just thinking this morning about some relationships that aren’t productive and what to do about them. Now I’m pretty sure that ending them is what I need to do.

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