Focus on Performance, Not on Outcome

The thing that makes most salespeople freeze or blow a presentation is that they’re focused on the outcome of their efforts, and not on the effort itself.

Focus on the customer, adding value, the solution, and not on the score, not on the results, not the potential consequences (e.g. “If I blow this I won’t make my car payment this month). If you take care of things as they happen, like getting the lead, connecting with your customer, writing the proposal, and adding value, the positive outcome will naturally follow.


“I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot… when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result.” ~Michael Jordan

photo compliments of James Jordan

3 thoughts on “Focus on Performance, Not on Outcome”

  1. Thanks for that reminder Bob. You are certainly correct that we should expect or foresee what will happen next. Never concentrate on what is happening for today, it should be for the whole month or year. We must preempt the expected worst to come.

  2. I love how you say that, “Focus on performance, Not on outcome”. In everything you do, put your heart in it. And not the people who would criticize you on doing it. You’re not here to please them, you’re here to make your life worth living.

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