IStock_000009327427XSmall "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail." — Mark Twain

Some salespeople make this same kind of error.

  • They see prospects instead of people.
  • They look to close a sale instead of opening a relationship.
  • They hear objections instead of questions.
  • They make claims without knowing if it matters.
  • They tell instead of ask.
  • They talk instead of listening.

The difference is focus.

Focus on yourself and you're like the man with a hammer.

Focus on the customer and providing exceptional value and everything looks different.

Especially you.

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People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Since we can’t pick or choose the “type” of person we are most likely to trust and like right away, we need to learn how to effectively with everyone’s personality style.” Learn how in this report and start increasing your sales right away!

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