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I just got finished reading Chris Brogan's newsletter. If you don't subscribe, it's well worth it. He writes about community and social media but I think he also writes about leadership. By the way, if you haven't read his book, "Trust Agents" I also recommend taking a look at it. There's a link under my recommended books.

I was also thinking this morning about how blogging, social media and all the technology tools we have to use today to communicate and build relationships are just that – tools. It still takes lots or hard work. I don't know many people who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen work without working really hard.

Chris Brogan is a good example. He blogs every day – sometimes more – or so it seems. Plus, he writes a weekly newsletter, runs a couple of companies, consults for others, puts on workshops, participates in conventions, speaks all over and more. I get exhausted thinking about all that he does. Seth Godin is similar in work ethic and activity.

When I talk to people about their goals, I often hear them stated in monetary terms. However, very few people can sustain the level of work and passion required if your goals are primarily based on money. There has to be some love in there too. Actually, a lot of it.

If you read or get a chance to hear Seth or Chris (or even a Bob), you'll see and hear the passion and love for what they do very quickly. I used to listen to a lot of professional speakers and although I learned something from all of them, the number one thing that has stuck with me is you've got to love what you're doing and have a fire that can't be quenched by people throwing cold water on you and your ideas.

Find people who are and then follow them. Learn from them. And, then use what you've learned.

I know you've heard this before. But, are you living it?

2 thoughts on “Follow, Learn, Live It”

  1. Great post Bob. I especially like: “the number one thing that has stuck with me is you’ve got to love what you’re doing and have a fire that can’t be quenched by people throwing cold water on you and your ideas.” Keep up the good work and good luck with your book.

  2. Thank you, Diane, and welcome to the water cooler. I once heard someone say “When everyone is telling you it is time to give up, keep on going. There is a good chance you’re already more than half way there.” Talent is wonderful but there are millions of people with lots of talent who gave up too soon.

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