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Doctors and dentists are so busy it often takes weeks to get in to see them. Sometimes it’s so far in the future I forget I made the appointment! They know this, so most medical professionals call you the day before your visit to remind you that they’re expecting you the following day. It’s a great practice actually and one that most people, including me, appreciate. It keeps me from feeling old for forgetting or a dummy for not writing it down when I made it. You don’t have to call your prospect, but the day before your appointment (preferably early in the day, not late in the afternoon), email them to remind them of your appointment the following day.

When you email them, take that opportunity to attach something to the email that might interest them, like a news article, great or funny and relevant photograph, white paper or website link that may be of interest to them personally. This is the critical key to doing a reminder. Don’t send any of your company brochures or information — that gives them an out to look at it and cancel your meeting. Save your info for the appointment!

Your email should confirm the date and time of the appointment, any phone numbers, both cell and office where you’ll be. If you’re meeting at a restaurant for lunch with a new client, you can include the address, phone number and name in case they forgot, didn’t know it, or might need to call you there in an emergency. Even if they know the place well, it’s a nice touch. If you’re calling them, let them know how long the call will take, “John, the call should only take 15 to 20 minutes.” If something has come up this gives them time to alert you so your day isn’t wasted, and it also allows you to reschedule at the same time.


“The existence of forgetting has never been proved; we only know that some things do not come to our mind when we want them to.” — Fredrick Nietzsche

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