Fooling Yourself

Let's say your physician told you that you need to lose weight, stop smoking and get more exercise. You decide that you'll buy the latest diet book, cut back on smoking and exercise as soon as you get more time.

That's not what I'd call commitment. It's not going to work. But, I'm willing to bet at you next physician visit you'll tell her how you tried all three ideas but they just didn't work.

This is exactly what I see some people doing when it comes to changing their marketing. Like losing weight or quitting smoking, it's a lot of hard work.

  • They start a blog but discover it takes time so they eventually post less and less.
  • They tell their employees they are committed to using the latest tools and strategies but they don't walk their talk. Your employees are the first to know what's real or not. Your customers are next.
  • They buy someone's email list and spam people who will never buy from them.
  • They continue to spend money on TV, radio and print advertising because that's what they've always done and it's a lot easier than using social media.
  • They tell their friends this "new marketing" doesn't work.

If you're not committed to really changing your marketing, it would be better if you don't bother starting at all.

You'll only be fooling yourself.

2 thoughts on “Fooling Yourself”

  1. Welcome back Bob! hope you had a great trip. It’s funny, actually making the commitment is always the hard part too. Once you’ve decided to make that commitment and just go for it, things usually start to fall into place.
    I “quit” smoking about a year ago, but was still having those sneaky cigarettes when i could manage to hide from my partner. Didn’t take long to realise i was only cheating myself..
    Glad to have you back Bob =)

  2. Thanks Melissa from Australia. I just got your package late yesterday and WOW I love how my mouse moves on this material. I’ll be writing more but for now, thanks for sharing a great product. We need to get it here in the states!
    Anyone else reading this should give Melissa’s name a click of the mouse and see what her company manufactures.

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