Free Will and Selling

We all think we have it. We buy the cars we drive, the food we eat, the computer we surf with and the hairstylist we use by exercising our free will. We choose who to marry, how to raise our kids, and where we invest our money using our free will. We spend our work and leisure time doing things we have freely chosen to do by exercising our free will. Right?

Or Do We?
Well, sure, you may be thinking that your choices are influenced by things like environment, education, financial wherewithal, and a myriad of other things and other people. But, the fact is that we almost always have been sold by someone else in what we buy, who we date, why we do most things in life.

So if sales has such an impact in our lives why do so few people know how to do it well? How might your life be different if you really knew how to apply some simple principles – not techniques or tactics – but simple actions you can use that are not manipulative and will allow you to be more successful in your personal and business life?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you cringe inside at the thought of having to sell?
  2. Do you cringe at the thought of dealing with a salesperson?
  3. Would you pick up a book about learning to sell if you knew it wouldn’t violate your personal principles and it would actually make you feel good about the process?
  4. Would you invest in sales education if you knew if could make your life and business?

As someone who has written, taught and breathed selling for over 40 years, I’ve seen plenty of lives changed for the better when you learn some sales principles . Sales professionals, business owners, moms and dads, students – you name them – have benefited by learning how to sell their ideas, dreams, projects, services and products to name just a few things.

BUT – (you knew there was a BUT coming) – but as a good friend of mine said the other day, “If people don’t know they need to learn how to sell better, how will they know they need to invest in a book or education?”

You see the odds are very high that since you are reading this blog that you already know how to sell or want to learn how to sell better. You’re already aware of all the benefits it brings to both your personal and business life. But, what about the people who answered yes to questions 1 and 2 above? They either don’t know they need to learn to sell better or fear of something is holding them back.

Over $65 billion will be spent this year on weight-loss programs, diet drinks and food, surgery, books, etc. all with the hope of looking and feeling better.

I think my next book will be entitled “How to Get Thin and Happy Through Selling.” What do you think?

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