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You wouldn’t just get in your car and start driving around town looking for a specific store would you? At least at $3.50 a gallon for gas I wouldn’t. You’d look up the address and figure out the most efficient route and go. You don’t call random phone numbers hoping to reach someone who might buy your product.

So why do you say, “I’ll call you next week,” or “I’ll send that information on the new widgets and follow up with you next week.” If you don’t specify a time and a date to talk or get together, you’re just wandering around hoping. Without a commitment to a date and time, the chances are really good that you’ll never get that chance to talk. You’ll miss each other’s phone calls, send a lot of emails and generally take more time to get together, possibly resulting in their buying from someone else.

By specifying a date and time you ensure you (1) get that first “yes,” from a customer, (2) get a commitment to your presentation, not just a polite nod and (3) show you respect their time and yours and get their attention as someone serious about their business.

If you’re not sure how to ask in a way that doesn’t sound pushy, then say, “Why don’t we talk next Tuesday around 9 a.m.? How does that sound?” It makes your request casual, yet specific. If that time doesn’t work, suggest another. If that doesn’t work then get them to suggest a time. Creating deadlines gets people’s attention and their sale.


“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” — Mae West

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