Get a Free Book and Tax Wall Street All In One Post

Between computer software and hardware problems, an emergency root canal (are they all emergencies?), and some new things for you, I have been busier than Tiger's latest girlfriends trying to cash their Us, People and National Enquirer checks.

What's new? Well, how about a TV show called Stories From Around the Water Cooler? You can look forward to our premier episode later this week. We built a little video studio and upgraded some hardware and software – which is why I'm having hardware and software problems.

Why is installing hardware and software so much like plumbing? I once started out to change a washer in a bathroom sink and before I was done, I needed a new bathroom including the tub and shower! Same thing happens with software. You upgrade or buy something more powerful and the next thing you know you've wasted three days and you have a brand new computer. Yikes!

Dan Pink blogs about management scholar Henry Mintzberg and his solution to the problem with executive bonuses. In a Wall Street Journal essay, Mintzberg makes a case for getting rid of them altogether. And, Senator Christopher Dodd, a longtime Wall Street and Insurance Row love child is making noise about stripping the Fed of its regulatory functions by its failure to protect US citizens from the Great Recession. Maybe there is still hope that our legislators might do something to benefit us instead of themselves relative to Wall Street.

Not likely. According to the New York Times, "Despite efforts to engage with the Republicans, Mr. Dodd was unable to earn any support from them. He also faced defections from some Democrats with ties to industry groups that have opposed the measure’s central provisions."

Here's an idea. Why don't we tax Wall Street? Oregon Representative, Peter DeFazio has suggested a Let Wall Street Pay for Wall Street's Bailout Act. There's an idea millions could warm too. A very small excise tax would be placed on stock, bond and derivative trading that would yield hundreds of billions of dollars. It would be Wall Street's contribution to the economic recovery and it would help solve what to do with all those billion dollar bonuses.

Lastly, (and you might be too late) here is a way for you to get a tax deduction, help someone who really needs the help and also get a free copy of Seth Godin's new book before anyone else.

Seth has made an offer on his blog for a free copy of his new book Linchpin to the first 3,000 people who donate $30 or more to the Acumen Fund. You'll get the book weeks before anyone else and Seth will send it to you for your donation which is tax deductible thereby making the book free. Here are the details. Hurry if you are interested because this isn't going to last long.

And, if you're too late – do the right thing and still make a donation.

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