Getting in Front of Your Consumer With Gina Pomponi

The Watercooler Hangout Podcast
Season 04 Episode #10
Getting in Front of Your Consumer With Gina Pomponi

“Advertising is still getting product placement in front of people; it’s just figuring out new and interesting ways to do it.” ~Gina Pomponi

Today’s Guest

Gina Pomponi is President and COO of Bluewater, one of the leading digital marketing/video production companies. She has spent 30 years in the business pioneering digital marketing and a women’s role at the top of a company. 

Bluewater Media and Direct Marketing

Bluewater Media is a fully converged, direct-to-consumer advertising agency that builds and connects all the multiple media services between people and brands that are relevant to consumers where they live, work, and play. They create disruptive, profitable connections between people and brands.

Direct marketing engages directly with the consumer. “People are jumping onto the bandwagon because they realize brick and mortar is becoming a thing of the past, especially since COVID.” She believes that direct mail will be a more significant part of an overall marketing plan since that marketing sector is resurgent.

Interactive Marketing 

Anytime you directly engage with your consumers, you are working with interactive marketing. “Traditional advertisers think that they are creating something new, but this is something that we’ve always done.” You want your advertising to talk to your customers and tell them what they want to hear.

“It has definitely shifted into a consumer world.”

Targeting Your Avatar 

“When you are targeting adults 65+, then your traditional methods will work much better. However, when you are marketing to Gen Z or younger, then your traditional linear television isn’t going to be your main focus.” Gina says her marketing agency looks at each client to see how they can overcome their challenges individually.

Listen in as we talk about influencer marketing, PPC as part of your marketing plan, and Gina’s predictions on the future of social media marketing.

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